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Leland Chee recently started a blog about 'Mistaken Identities' of characters. Recently he updated it with this info. I've asked some more about it. If I have confirmation about this list, we must adapt the pages on Wookiee. Especially the Klaatu / Wooof / Yotts pages will need an adaptation.

Zutton/Takeel/Rachalt Hyst aka "Snaggletooth" Snivvians seen at Mos Eisley. Zutton is the one in blue seen next to Han and Chewie's alcove in the cantina. Rachalt Hyst, wearing the trendy red jumpsuit was the name given for the Snivvian seen in the Holiday Special often identified as Zutton probably because of lack of good Zutton images of the blue "Snaggletooth" and the fact for the Special, they called him "Zutmore". Takeel is the one in red with the hump ("What hump?"). Note: the Snivvian seen at Bespin is Wiorkettle and the one in in Jabba's palace is Geezum

Klaatu/Wooof/Yotts Orren Kadas'sa'Niktos (Green Niktos) Yotts Orren is the name of the "Klaatu in skiff guard outfit" from the vintage action figure line. The Green Nikto seen in Jabba's palace was called Klaatu, though Wooof was one of the production names used for this character.

  • ... I was with you right up to "recently." Enochf 22:52, 16 October 2006 (UTC)

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