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  • Are Rodians mammals, insects, or what? They always struck me as ammals untill Mission Vao continued calling them "bug-face" and stuff.

It's never been said. I'd guess reptiles.

  • How long do Sith live?

The Sith species is extinct. Sith Force-users can have a number of different longevities, depending on how powerful they are, how much of their focus is on life extension, and of course, how long their species lives to begin with.

Never been said. I would guess less than the average species because theirs was a very violent culture and not many would've made it to old age.

Again, never been said, but probably about as long as a human; the timeline for Greedo's childhood and adolescence is more or less in line with a human's. Also, if they had an abnormally long or short lifespan, it'd probably have been mentioned by now.


- Darth Fury

  • I believe you've answered all your own questions. -- Riffsyphon1024 02:38, 26 July 2006 (UTC)

Yeah I did not notice that when I copied this from my page, somebody already replied to them... Darth Fury

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