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Untill the New Essential Chronology came out, it was well known that the Sith Empire had its beginning in 24,400 BBY, when the Legions of Lettow had finally lost their hundred-year war with the Jedi, were exiled to the outer Rim, came upon Korriban and dominated the Sith species. However, the retcon provided in the NEC has this event taking place around 7,000 BBY, which causes lots of continuity problems. There is evidence within the Tales of the Jedi comics themselves that the Sith Empire has existed for at least ten thousand years before its founding in the NEC.

But don't take MY word for it. Others have done a much better job at addressing the issue than I have. Here is a very good blog on the subject from StarWars.Com:

I ask that Wookieepediea PLEASE take this into consideration, if only as footnotes (but preferably more). If you could make a note of this in the proper article(s) regarding the Sith, that would be helpful.

  • That guy makes some pretty good points. And there are numerous instances of the NEC getting info mixed up (the NJO section alone makes me want to cry sometimes). However, the 7,000 BBY date does come from internal Lucasfilm documents, which have the final say. Don't get me wrong: I raised quite a bit of hell a few months ago about that and other alleged inconsistencies in the NEC. But my motto is this: one cannot pick and choose their canon. That's movie purism. -- SFH 23:43, 11 May 2006 (UTC)

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