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I am hereby requesting a Wookieepedia conversion of Template:Todo from Wikipedia. For tidying up talk pages, making specific article goals clear and so on. Do it, and you will be awarded a prize! =) --Imp 20:36, 3 November 2006 (UTC)

  • I'll try working on it. There's a bunch of sub-templates and stuff, kinda complicated. We'll see. --Xwing328(Talk) 21:27, 3 November 2006 (UTC)
  • OK, it appears to be working. See my user page for an example.
  • Pages:
  1. File:Evolution-tasks.png
  2. File:Nuvola_apps_knotes.png
  3. {{tl|Tasks}}
  4. {{tl|Tasks/Preload}}
  5. {{tl|Todo}}

See also: already in existence are Wookieepedia:Maintenance and Wookieepedia:Things to do. --Xwing328(Talk) 22:40, 3 November 2006 (UTC)


  • Thanks a bunch, Xwing! I created a customized version for Wookieepedia:WookieeProject The New Essential Guide to Characters at {{WNEGTCtodo}}. However, the contents of the /to do subpage aren't being displayed in the template. Could you look over my defilement of the original code and see if you could locate the error? --Imp 23:11, 3 November 2006 (UTC)
    • What do you need a seperate template for? Is there an extra variable or something that you want included? Please let me know so I can better understand. --Xwing328(Talk) 23:19, 3 November 2006 (UTC)
      • The separate to do list is needed because the project discusses what needs to be done with specific articles through forum threads located on the project page. We want the template to not be shown at (for example) Lando's talk page, but rather the forum thread for his article. If that makes any sense. :P --Imp 23:24, 3 November 2006 (UTC)