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Hey, everyone. I think there should be a little blurb put in the Star Wars: Customizable Card Game entry touching on the free Holotable program that allows any person to download a digital version of the card game (including all virtual versions of the cards) and play for free online with other players. I'd assume you'd need permission from the author of the program.

Thanks, Justin Kalamets

  • That's hardly necessary - almost all of the existing card games could be played online, including SW CCG, SW TCG and Star Wars Pocketmodels. There are many various programs, some of them are designed for one specific card game, and some are more universal and support dozens of various games. However, as far is I'm concerned, none of the multiple existing SW card games are currently officially supported (and only licensed information has it's place on Wookipedia). I assure you, even if you add info about this program to some of pages, it will be deleted shortly. Mauser 16:05, 4 January 2008 (UTC)

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