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Two options

1.Couldn't we start a page where an admin starts with a random quote. Then anyone have the chance to answer that quote with another one, even better. You know what I mean, like a hip hop crew. Only Star Wars quotes are allowed. And there must be an answer to your quote before you can write another one. In other means, you can't write two quotes after eachother.

2.Or, we can just write random quotes. Like a one-word story thread. Could be nice.

3.Or, just write the lines according to the movies. Following eachother from the beginning to the end.

Example for suggestion 1:

"You have turned her against me!"
―Anakin Skywalker

Then another user may answer:

"You have done that yourself!"
―Obi-Wan Kenobi

And a third one:

"I'm sorry to hear that"
―Carlist Rieekan
"Turn him of or shut him down"
―Han Solo

Example for suggestion 2:

"We'll have to go on tauntauns"
―Han Solo
"I'm not afraid"
―Luke Skywalker

Example for suggestion 3:

"Echo 3 to Echo 7, Han old buddy do you read me?"
―Luke Skywalker
"Loud and clear kid, what's up?"
―Han Solo
"Well I've finished my circle, I don't pick up any life readings"
―Luke Skywalker

And so on...

Well, what do you think? Lorth NeedaStriptease 17:04, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

  • Yes, it would be TF.N. The Wookiee isn't for stuff like this, sorry - \\Captain Kwenn// Ahoy! 17:26, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

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