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As you may know, Wikia recently attempted to enable Tidy, in order to fix Bug #399. Partial HTML parsing has been semi-broken (in that it didn't follow Wikimedia's standards) for several months (since the upgrade to 1.5 or 1.7). For example, with the default sanitizer: Tags would have to be closed in a template and couldn't be amortized over several templates, and partial html tables wouldn't work in parserfunctions. Tidy enabled the checks to be performed after the transclusions and parserfunctions. This enhancement has been needed for enabling direct copying of templates from Wikipedia, without having to (for example) redo infoboxes using parserfunctions into wikitables (a painful process).

However, a serious flaw was discovered, in that certain aspects of the UI were being tidied, most noticably on edit pages and recent changes. Inez (of the wikia bugfix/enhancements dev team) found a probable problem in our older preg_match and corrected it, but this might cause varied and unexpected behavior. So, what we need is a guinea-pig wiki to try this change out on. Wookieepedia has been selected/drafted as a high content wiki with esoteric and advanced features, and users who will spot oddities.

What we would like to do: Enable the fixed code and Tidy on this wiki for a trial period (a day or so), and have a sitenotice up during that period saying something like: "Upgrade test in progress. Please do not fix anything that appears broken because of it, but report it to [[Forum:Tidy]]". If any problems are found the Tidy will be disabled and sent back to the shop. If none are found, it will be globally deployed (and it may be possible to opt out of having Tidy enabled on individual wikia, although not advised). Please respond here with any objections/suggestions to this course of action. Thanks!

Actually, after discussing it more, the Wikia cabal has decided that the impact of this change is probably low enough to just go ahead with it. I've tested it on a test wiki and there seems to be no problems. And: "It is easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission".
A notice has been temporarily added to MediaWiki:Edittools.

Known issues with tidy (not bugs):

  • Gratuitous/multiple whitespaces in all wikicode and html tags (except <pre>) are stripped when the page is saved, this cannot be avoided. This is true even with style="whitespace:pre;". The only tag that allows and respects more than singular whitespaces is <pre>. This is not a major change, but had been observed on some wikis with ascii art that was not inside a pre tag.

--Splarka (talk) 09:13, 9 November 2006 (UTC)

if Tidy is enabled, this doesn't have html tags showing around it.


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