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Full title originally "Forum:How do you move the userboxes on your user page to the right? And how can I put a photo on the right of the box as well?" jSarek 23:41, 31 May 2008 (UTC)

I'm trying to create a good user page. So I need help on the user boxes. Please tel me how to move the user boxes and how to put photo on the user box? Thanks Devan2 19:22, 31 May 2008 (UTC)

  • Hello, the best way to sort your userboxes out would be to get a User Infobox, you can nick mine off my page by going to my page, pressing edit this page finding the Infobox (which should be at the top) and copying & pasting it onto your page. you can then delete all my information and enter your own, the number/letter codes are at the top so change them to get diffrent colors, I've never bothered to look up th codes for them so I just enter random numbers and them preview to see if I like it. You will see there's a space for Userboxes at the bottom of the Infobox, check out how I've done mine to see how to put them in. To make Userboxes with Images use this template {{userbox|outline color|main color|image|Text}} and fill it in, so where it says main color type red or yellow or green etc. etc. to put an Image in find the image name eg: Maraandluke.jpg and put these around it: [[Image name]]. If you want that explained in more depth check out this. Hope that helps. If something doesn't make sense or you want to know something else ask me on my talk page or ask in the senate hall again.--Kingpin13

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