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I've seen different variations of English used in Wookieepedia, and I was wondering if there was a standard of whether we are using American English or British English. I would think American English usage and spelling would be best, since it's usual standards that the subject's (a.k.a. creator) affiliation with a country depends on the variation of English used. For example, J.K. Rowling's books that have been released in the United States still contain British words and usage (e.g. row, fancy). An exception to this was the first book (for obvious reasons), but that's hardly the point. Anyway, since George Lucas is not only tied to the U.S., and the official Star Wars site uses American English, we should use the same consistency throughout Wookieepedia as well, in terms of encyclopedic standards. I, however, am not acquainted with what the standards are here, or if there even are standards, so I was wondering what they were/are. —Mirlen 23:35, 24 May 2006 (UTC)

  • our style manual recommends American English for articles, more for consistency than anything. (Hence, lightsaber rather than lightsabre, etc.) —Silly Dan (talk) 23:40, 24 May 2006 (UTC)
    • Wait, it doesn't. It should, though. Anyone else know where we came up with that policy? —Silly Dan (talk) 23:42, 24 May 2006 (UTC)
      • Silly Dan: I did exactly the same thing – I thought it was covered in the MoS, but apparently it isn't. Since I'm too lazy to update my pre-edit-conflict text, here it is: I don't think there are any standards as of now, at not least not written down, though I agree that American English should be used. I know of one of our British contributors, and he tries to edit in American English so there may be some sort of unspoken policy on that that was decided way back. In any event, in should probably be included in the Manual of Style. RMF 23:47, 24 May 2006 (UTC)
        • Here it is: Wookieepedia talk:Community Portal/Archive2#Spelling. —Silly Dan (talk) 00:00, 25 May 2006 (UTC)
          • I was just about to say that this had been discussed back before we learned to walk upright and use tools but it was never codified. Since either variation is correct, I won't edit an article for the sole purpose of changing British to American English, but when I do any other sort of spell-checking or grammar correction I change the British spellings. Hopefully this doesn't bother anyone. -- Darth Culator 00:03, 25 May 2006 (UTC)
            • Thank you. :) Then I think shall go ahead and edit the British English spelling and usage to American English in articles as I come across ones that do. Also, perhaps that should be added to the Manual of Style, since it seems that most agree that American English should be used. —Mirlen 00:29, 25 May 2006 (UTC)

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