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I was just wondering where Pugles Trodd was in the bounty hunter list??

I found this on the internet about him...(not sure what site)

Puggles Trodd

Puggles Trodd is one of the least impressive bounty hunters around since he's only a one meter-tall rodent. Puggles is a Lasat, a pessimistic, unpleasant and gloomy being, and he has an obsession with causing and viewing explosions. He stayed alive in the dangerous bounty hunting trade by teaming up with other hunters. Most of his jobs were with Zardra and Jodo Kast; working as a team they were capable enough to get some larger bounties. Puggles Trodd worked with them when they took the Imperial bounty on Adar Tallon but they were too late. The Rebel Alliance had beaten them to Tatooine and had rescued Tallon before the bounty hunters and Imperials could get a hold on him.

Just wondering...he worked with Jodo Kast and Zardra

  • I don't think our list of bounty hunters will contain every bounty hunter, just the most prominent ones. We do, however, have a Puggles Trodd article already. —Silly Dan (talk) 23:15, 25 August 2006 (UTC)

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