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Unknown Nikto Jedi


Nikto action figure, later canonised as Fi-Ek Sirch.

Hi guys, I've just recently been correcting a misattributed photo in Fi-Ek Sirch's file. This photo here (left) was originally in his file, but it was definitely not the correct photo for Fi-Ek Sirch. I remember reading the "Ask the Jedi Council" post that first named him, which was in direct reference to the previously unnamed "Nikto" jedi action figure. That character (see pictures to the right) had a white/cream-coloured outer robe over a dark brown tunic, whereas the incorrect picture shows a character wearing the opposite colour combination.

I've now put the correct photo into Fi-Ek's file, however, that still leaves the question of who the other Nikto with the wite tunic and brown robes is. If you watch the webdocs on the Attack of the Clones DVD you'll note that there were more than one Nikto Jedi at Geonosis, including the white-robed Fi-Ek Sirch.

Now, I'm not positive about this, but I remember flicking thru Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels (I don't own a copy) and seeing pictures of both Fi-Ek and another Nikto Jedi, who may have been this brown-robed chappie. If I'm remembering this page correctly, then I assume that this photo has a name attached. Anyone with their own copy mind looking this up so I can create a file for him?

Thanks dudes, DarthBinks.

  • Ummm, I'm pretty sure Sirch and the guy in the hood are the same person. There was a figure labeled Fi-Ek Sirch, and the model is the same guy minus the hood. Hasbro made him with a hood because... they're bats. Rod

Hi Rod, thanks for the contribution. Actually, I'm afraid you might possibly be responding to some misleading information, because I just looked back at this page and somehow the image of the brown-cloaked & white tuniced unknown Nikto Jedi (let's call him UNJ for argument's sake) had been overwritten with a duplicate image of Fi-Ek Sirch. Actually, I think it may have been my own fault, but we won't go into that.


Jedi Warriors 4-pack.

As to what you say about the action figures; yes and no. Hasbro originally released the white-robed & brown-tuniced Jedi (toy pictured) simply under the name "Nikto" but's "Ask the Jedi Council" later canonically declared him to be Fi-Ek Sirch, a fact backed up by his photo image (on which the figure is clearly based, right down to the pose) now being listed under that name in Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels. You're right though, they did rerelease the same mould sans the cloak (and with the sleeves repainted brown to match the tunic) as part of a circa-AotC "Jedi Warrieors 4-pack" (also pictured). Now,'s CargoBay lists the figure as also being Fi-Ek, although I must say I don't recall it actually saying that on the package, so I personally prefer to view him as Bhat Jul, but obviously that's neither here nor there. In any case, appearance-wise the 4-pack figure is simply Fi-Ek without his cloak on; there's no clash in costume colours that way. And ultimately, it's not the identity of the figure that I'm interested in.

What does is the remaining question of who our mate UNJ is. As stated above (and shown in the now-restored picture), he clearly is not Fi-Ek, as he has inverse costume colours. He's definitely a different character. Since my inital post I've got my own copy of Chronicles, and unfortunately I'd misremembered; he's not in there. So, we're back to square one: does anyone have any further ideas as to who he is? Shall I open a file on "Unknown Nikto Jedi"?

Any advice is appreciated, hombres. DarthBinks.

  • Hi guys. The Nikto in the dark brown robe still doesn't have a name. Chronicles does only show Fi-Ek, but not the dark robed Nikto. It shows a Weequay Jedi instead. --Sompeetalay 16:57, 26 May 2006 (UTC)
    • Yeah, I already got that. But thanks all the same Sompeetalay. Ta, DarthBinks.

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