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Why is Ki-Adi's appointment to the Council as a Knight still regarded as canon?Edit

Hi. Look, forgive the new guy; I freely admit that I'm not entirely clear how the canon system here works in practice, but my understanding is that in principle any source which is later contradicted by something in an actual film is automatically decanonised, right? Okay, so, in light of that I don't understand why Ki-Adi's status as a knight when inducted into the High Council (especially since this was never actually mentioned in any film) hasn't been automatically overwritten by Ep.III's very un-ambiguous declaration that no one's ever been appointed to the council without being a Master (before Anakin) in the entire "history of the Jedi Order". So, why does that not retcon Ki-Adi being a Knight upon his appointment? Is there some loophole reason which isn't stated here in his file? If so, it should be here. If not, shouldn't we delete the satement that he was a knight at the time? Because otherwise it strikes me as a clear violation of a higher level of canon (RotS).

On a similar note, I'm sure I read in some official roleplaying book or guide to characters that they got around the "no attachments" problem with his previously-established family by stating that there was a "low Cerean birthrate" and thus he'd been given special dispensation. Does anyone know where this is from? Because I think it should be in his file too if it's canon. Hope some people can help me out on these issues.

Thanks, DarthBinks.

  • 1) Ki-Adi-Mundi's exception is noted in his article. 2) Things aren't automatically "decanonised" in any sense. Usually, a work around is made - one that emphasises the higher level source of canon. The current canon stance is that yes, Mundi was a knight when he joined the Council, but he was "in the process" of becoming a Master - in other words, he was granted the title, but not immediately. QuentinGeorge 06:22, 29 May 2006 (UTC)
    • Thanks QG, that certainly helps. What about the low Cerean birthrate thing, any ideas? Ta, DarthBinks.
      • Leland Chee confirmed Ki-Adi was in the process of becoming a Master during TPM, so technically, he was still a Knight at the time. Ki-Adi's family life is detailed in Prelude to Rebellion - Kwenn 15:16, 29 May 2006 (UTC)
        • I also think it is in the EP 1 Visual Dictionary or the New Essential Guide To Characters -Solo

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