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Hello, all. For those of you into cryptozoology, Loren Coleman's blog Cryptomundo ( has mentioned the Wookieepedia in a revised version of one of his posts.

After recieving a rather dubious e-mail from a man having captured a "Yarwen" ( ), an associate of Mr. Coleman's wrote him saying that the claimant most likely derived this term from "the name of the fictional character of a Wookiee in the Star Wars saga." I let Mr. Coleman know ( ) that nothing on this site came close, save Senator Yarua—something that I felt boded ill for this particular theory. Mr. Coleman wrote me, saying that he would revise his blog to take that into consideration. It is at the latter link that the revision can be found.

I think we might possibly have another Official friend on our hands!

Thanks all for a great community of editors and administrators, Cutch 04:16, 5 September 2006 (UTC)

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