Yo yo,

If it's all the same to the participants of this fine project, I'd like to FA nominate Viqi Shesh and Tsavong Lah as a guest writer. That way you don't have to put them in the "featured articles created outside this project" section and I get affiliation kudos.

One thing though, I don't have the e-book Recovery in my collection and I believe it has information pertaining to Viqi which is what kept me from finishing her before I raced through Tsavong. If anyone has Recovery, (it's in the paperback Star by Star I guess so I could always buy that for a pittance) and wouldn't mind helping me add info to her article (subpage here I'd be most grateful. Just let me know here or on my talkpage.

See y'all

-- Harrar 13:25, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

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