Since some interest seems to have built up in the idea, I'm going to make this available to WP:TOR. This is the entire set of text string from "Patch Version 53, Built on Mon Jul 2 21:14:21 CUT 2012", aka 1.3.0b. It's as complete as our top-secret Evil German Sorcery can currently make it, and it does seem that it may be missing a few things from 1.3, but it's complete aside from that.

Extract this to a directory and open a command prompt there, and you'll find a directory tree full of .txt files, a complete copy of GNU grep (for Windows), and a batch file called listfull.bat.

Grep will do a case-sensitive search of the string directory when you open a command prompt window in the directory you just extracted and type listfull [string] and will output a list of lines containing your requested substring into a file called list.txt.

The batch file can also take other arguments, which can be combined.

  • listfull -i [string] will ignore case.
  • listfull -l [string] will just output a list of files containing your string rather than full lines.

Now, it will look for the string within any text, so listfull Gree will find "Gree," "Greed," "Green," "Greetings," etc., so you still may have some reading to do. grep --help will show more arguments, and if you're really advanced, you can use regexps. (I was lazy when I wrote the batch file, so you'll run out of variables, but if you're advanced enough to use a buttload of arguments anyway, you don't need a batch file.)

So have at it! -- Darth Culator (Talk) 15:15, July 23, 2012 (UTC)

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