Hey <insert name here>, and welcome to WookieeProject Tales of the Jedi! If you have any ideas on what the new main focus could be, and any ideas regarding the betterment of this project, feel free to create a new Forum post with the desired topic. Cheers, Greyman(Paratus) 17:26, 27 August 2007 (UTC)

Project creator

  • As creator of this project, it is clear that I absolutely love the Tales of the Jedi comic series, and the stories within it are amongst my favorite in the Star Wars universe. Please don't hesitate to contact me via my talk page or email if you have any questions relating to the Tales of the Jedi comic series; I've done quite a bit of research and writing with regards to it. As far as the project goes, I have designated Graestan as the Project Lead and, as such, any questions regarding the project can be directed towards him and/or the Forum here on the project page. I'll still be an occasional editor and writer here, but I tend to focus more on individual article-projects of mine. That being said, I look forward to watching this Wookiee-project produce some comprehensive and detailed Tales of the Jedi articles :) Cheers, Greyman(Paratus)

Project lead

  • I feel that it is an honor to have been designated the leader of this WookieeProject. The Old Republic era comprises the ancient history of the Star Wars galaxy, where the stories are legends and the characters are heroes. In the past, the articles encompassed by this project have received little attention, and I feel that it is my personal charge to address this. Additionally, I would like to welcome and extend my thanks to any and all users who are willing to pledge themselves to this project or help its members in any way. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my talk page or seek me out in the #wookieepedia IRC - Graestan Jedi Order (This party's over)