"There are some things that we just can't tell to outsiders"
―Fot Ducela[src]

Fot Ducela was a brown-haired male Human permitor active in the city of Depatar in 31 BBY. He was well-dressed, commonly in blacks and browns.

Born circa 53 BBY, Ducela was a recognized professional in his early twenties. He worked as a permitor for outsiders visiting the city of Depatar, in Genarius. Visitors to Depatar were required to follow complex bureaucratic procedures and obtain permits for almost anything they could want or need; as such, each visitor was required to hire a personal permitor to deal with the administration. Some permitors also forged fake permits when required; Ducela himself had a good skill in that field.

At some point, the two Wookiee bouncers of Club 111, Bael and Touda, became indebted with Ducela because of a favor.

Focela was later remotely hired by Fesvk Wefos, an entrepreneur based on the nearby planet Cularin, to work as the permitor of some agents Wefos intended to send to Depatar to research the disappearance of Alec, a presumed courier working for Wefos's company. Wefos chose Focela because he had been recommended, and the manager paid for some basic permits even before hiring the people that would be using them. Ducela, also acting as a tourist guide, booked rooms for his clients in the Blue Sapphire hotel and performed a basic research on Alec's public activities. Ducela found that Alec, disguised as an albino Wookiee, had visited the Grande Game casino, Club 111 and Five Star Entertainment theater the day he disappeared.

The new clients arrived in a ship and, as Ducela had been delayed, they were already being plagued by prospective permitors wanting to work for them — among them Sadana. Ducela shooed some of the others and hired the rest to serve as decoys. Ducela then briefed his new customers about the Depataran ways and the leads he had found about Alec.

Ducela guided his bosses to Club 111 and, as the management reserved the right to refuse admission, Ducela had to remind the Wookiee porters about their previous debt. They then let his party in.

Later, Ducela's friends were found by a group of well-armed thugs led by Sadana. Ducela talked with Sadana and discovered that the thugs had permits to ambush his gang. Ducela, not a fighter himself, offered to get them permits for self-defense and/or lethal force for a fee, and then ran to hide in the shadows. Ducela considered buying permits to sleep in an alley should they were defeated; Sadana, meanwhile, studied the team's acts just in case they broke some local norm.

When Ducela was dismissed, he provided three forged permits for the group, as a reward for giving him a big income during their stay.