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A four-eyed species existed in the galaxy. An individual of the species was a member of the Pendarran's Revenge.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The sentient species was bipedal in form, with a virtually bald head except a number of small growths around the crown. Members had four eyes—a set of larger eyes set lower in the head, with a second smaller pair set above these and closer together.[1]


One member of the species belonged to the Pendarran's Revenge, a para-military organization based on the planet Shalm. Tattooed on its forehead was the Pendarran symbol, and it carried a large blaster rifle as part of a mixed-species squad.[1] Another member of the species witnessed a seeker droid immobilize a target in an alleyway.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

This species was first drawn by artist Mike Jackson in Wanted by Cracken, a West End Games roleplaying sourcebook published in 1993. It later appeared in Galaxy Guide 11: Criminal Organizations, published in 1994 in an illustration by Mike Vilardi. It appears Vilardi re-drew this species to provide visual continuity between sourcebooks. He has done this elsewhere with other species of his own creation.


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