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"The Fourth Great Schism, which occurred a millennium ago, brought on a thousand years of fighting, the ascendance of Darth Ruin and the Sith, and the plague that provided the drumbeat for what was truly the Republic's Dark Age. It was a military campaign that nearly brought an end to civilization."
―Restelly Quist's writings[src]

The Fourth Great Schism was the final Great Schism of the Jedi Order. It occurred in 2000 BBY when Phanius fell to the dark side to become Darth Ruin, leaving the Order to establish the New Sith. This was followed by the New Sith Wars.

Behind the scenesEdit

Originally, in George Lucas's notes for the prequel trilogy, in which he described the backstory of the Sith, the unnamed-Ruin was the first Sith Lord. There had been C-canon sources already that dealt with Sith Lords before 2000 BBY, so this "foundation" was degraded into yet another "Great Schism"—the fourth one.



Notes and referencesEdit

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