Fozec was one of the many Human guards kept around Jabba's Palace. Like most of the others, he was secretly plotting to kill the Hutt. Unlike the others, Fozec was a spy planted by the Galactic Empire, assigned to keep tabs on Jabba's illicit activities for the Imperial Security Bureau. He secretly hoped to defect from the ISB in order to pursue more lucrative opportunities in the galactic underworld.



Fozec prepares to escort Han Solo to the dungeons

During his time in the palace, Fozec grew more and more despondent, as his inability to advance in rank in Jabba's organization made his dreams of ill-gotten riches seem even more out of reach with each passing day. When Luke Skywalker and his friends began their operation to rescue Han Solo from Jabba's clutches, he didn't even bother reporting in to his ISB commander about the Rebels that infiltrated the palace, nor did he mention to anyone what the Rebels would be worth to the Empire. In fact, later the next day, Fozec would have finally experienced some joy in his miserable life when the Khetanna was blown up by Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa, obliterating Jabba and most of his henchmen. Unfortunately for Fozec, he was aboard as well, and felt only the blast before oblivion.

Fozec wore elements of Tantel armor.


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