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"I'm afraid many of our Imperial soldiers are hopeless with delicate tasks. This, of course, is why I asked for a professional."
―Admiral Fraabaal, speaking to a bounty hunter — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Fraabaal was a Human Admiral serving in the Sith Empire's navy during the Cold War. His daughter Vereta Fraabaal was a Sith apprentice to Lord Grathan on Dromund Kaas. After Grathan went rogue and Vereta followed him, Fraabaal hired a bounty hunter to kill his daughter, rather than face the political consequences of her involvement.

After the hunter brought word to Fraabaal that his daughter was dead, he expressed disgust and asked the hunter to leave immediately.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the hunter chooses to spare Vereta by freezing her in carbonite and taking her to her father, Fraabaal will express dismay at first, but then thank the hunter, revealing that he had felt regret over attempting to have his daughter killed.


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