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Frag grenade
Production information



AurebeshSans-Serif credit200[1] to AurebeshSans-Serif credit500[2]

Physical and technical specifications



0.5 kg[1]


Single use[1]

Usage and history

Fragmentation grenades, also known as frag grenades, were cheap and low-damage grenades which were used mainly by military personnel, mercenaries, adventurers, and bounty hunters.


The frag grenade was similar to the thermal detonator in use, with the significant difference that the frag grenade was far less powerful. They were designed to explode on contact, unleashing metal shrapnel and dealing slashing damage. The typical blast radius was about 3 to 4 meters.[1] This was somewhat smaller than the blast radius of a typical thermal detonator, making it easier to use fragmentation grenades without friendly forces being caught in the blast. These items were highly restricted despite their common use. Because of their small size and weight, about 0.5 kilograms, detection of these weapons could be difficult.

While these grenades were not as destructive as other grenades, its low cost made it available in large numbers for soldiers. For comparison, a thermal detonator cost between 2,000 and 4,000 Republic credits; the frag grenade cost between 200 and 500 credits.

Frag grenades were usually thrown, however they could be loaded into a grenade launcher for a far greater range. Grenade launchers themselves could be mounted on vehicles to create an effective anti-infantry weapon.


Fragmentation Grenade
Scout troopers using fragmentation grenades.
Frag grenades were carried as standard armament by many types of soldiers throughout the ages. During the Old Republic era, they were used by Republic troopers, Sith troopers, and various Mandalorian warriors.[3]

During the Rise of the Empire era, they were used by various Clone troopers,[5] Stormtroopers,[6] scout troopers,[1] SpecForce soldiers,[7] and Rebel troopers.[1] During the Legacy era, frag grenades were carried by Joker Squad Stormtroopers.[4]

Individuals who used frag grenades included Dengar, a Corellian bounty hunter.[7] Vehicles were occasionally equipped with grenade launchers that fired frag grenades, such as the AT-ST.[1]

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Frag grenades in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic were beige in color and were a more basic type of grenades. They dealt piercing damage and were moderately effective.[8] The damage they did wasn't great, but the player could use them without concern of running out, due to how common they were in the game.



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