Frayne was a middle-aged Human woman who served the Galactic Republic military as a weapons researcher and scientist, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.


In the wake of the First Battle of Geonosis, Doctor Frayne was dispatched to Geonosis along with Jedi Knight Jyl Somtay, on a mission to locate and contain any weapons technology that might remain on the planet. The Republic's goal was to ensure that such technology was never put to use against the Republic. However, Doctor Frayne had her own agenda, since she was actually a freelance operative looking to steal the technology for herself.

She rendered Somtay unconscious with a simple ruse, and then captured the clone troopers who had accompanied them. She set out to escape on her own, but was unprepared for the many traps laid by the Geonosians. Somtay and Naj Pandoor found Frayne — or at least, her severed head — in a hidden passageway beneath the surface of the planet. They later discovered that a captive female nexu had killed her, although they managed to escape from the creature, when it was attacked by rogas.



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