Fredja was an Imperial stormtrooper captain who served at the Maw Installation. He continually found himself in the middle of conflicts between his commanding officer, Admiral Natasi Daala and Tol Sivron, the Director of the Maw. While he disliked Sivron, he was forced reinstate the Twi'lek several times. Fredja was ultimately killed in the destruction of the Maw by Imperial and New Republic forces. His death was the result of Sivron, as the latter was furious when Kyp Durron, in control of the Sun Crusher, caused minor damage to the Death Star prototype. He advised retreating from the Sun Crusher, but the military incompetence of Sivron lead to them attacking the Sun crusher. He also expressed confusion when Sivron refused to aid Daala. He also was known to cause frustration at Sivron when he destroyed the main computer core, saying the files could not fall into Rebel hands.