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Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps was a faction made primarily of Quarren Separatists that countered the Republic-loyal Mon Calamari Shipyards.[1]


The organization fled Dac after the Mon Calamari summoned the Galactic Republic to intervene in the planet's Civil War with the Quarren.[1]

The company had shipyards on the Commerce Guild water world of Minntooine where they cooperated with Techno Union foremen and Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. to produce Recusant-class light destroyers. They also had factories on the Quarren colony world of Pammant where they constructed Providence-class carrier/destroyers at Pammant Docks.[1] General Grievous' flagships, the Malevolence and Invisible Hand were also built there by the company.[2]

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