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Free Lance was a modified Nebulon-B frigate owned by the privateer Urias Xhaxin.[2]


Free Lance

The crew of the Free Lance

Free Lance was commissioned by the Alliance to Restore the Republic sometime before the Battle of Yavin.[3] The ship was later purchased by Xhaxin from a Hutt arms dealer for 100 grams of hollinium hyperbaride, a two-carat Gallinorean rainbow gem, and a small canister of glitterstim spice.[2]

The ship's modifications were modest, consisting of improved armor (especially surrounding the engineering section), slight shield improvements, an upgrade to the weapons, and a quality med suite. The starfighter bays were converted to launch and load boarding shuttles. It contained two starfighter squadrons and had a crew of 900.[2]

The ship was still privateering at the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong War, when the invaders nearly destroyed it in one of the earliest encounters of the war near Bastion.[4]

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