The Freebird was a Sentinel-class landing craft under the command of Imperial Commander Gorrister. The shuttle was stationed on the Vector, which was the base of operations for the secret Imperial weapons project codenamed "Blackwing virus".


Stationed on the Vector during the Blackwing infection, the Freebird served as a haven for Commander Gorrister and other survivors of the incident. Trapped in the shuttle for ten weeks, Gorrister and his men, starving, were often forced to partake in cannibalism and to throw other survivors out of the shuttle to the hungry blackwing zombies tearing at the hull.

After Jareth Sartoris, an Imperial officer, was forced to infiltrate the Vector to disable the tractor beam that had pulled his escape pod into the Star Destroyer's hangar, his use of a stationary X-wing starfighter's blaster cannons forced the starfighter to crash into the Freebird because of the recoil. He entered the ship for refuge, when he met Gorrister and the other survivors, who explained the full extent of the situation to him. Sartosis was forced to kill Gorrister by using his head as a battering ram to open the escape hatch.

The Freebird was the means of escape for the other survivors of the incident: Zahara Cody, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Trig Longo. Sartoris sacrificed himself to allow the others access to the shuttle. The shuttle was later sold to Black Hammer pirates in Gal'fian'deprisi, Galantos.