Freighter 651 was an Imperial freighter. Five years before the Battle of Yavin, it was used by ISB Agent Kallus as part of a trap for a group of rebels. The rebel team heard about the transport from the criminal Cikatro Vizago, who said it was carrying Wookiee slaves. Kallus rerouted the real transport, and the rebel starship docked with Freighter 651 using the false ID of Starbird. Once docked, the crew went to free the Wookiees, but faced a squad of stormtroopers. While part of the team escaped, another placed explosives. To spring the trap, Kallus brought in an Imperial Star Destroyer and was greeted by a ship's officer. The agent brought the freighter and the rebel starship into the main hangar, but the rebels undocked, and the explosives went off, destroying Freighter 651.

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