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"We'll have to bring her in manually. Follow my signal."
―Freya Fenris[src]

Freya Fenris was a human female pilot[1] who served with Ace Squadron, a team of starship racers that also flew defense for the Colossus platform.[2] Fenris' personal starfighter was the Red Ace.[3]


Freya Fenris was a skilled racing pilot, and by 34 ABY, her skills had earned her a place among the Ace Squadron of the Colossus platform on the ocean planet Castilon,[1] flying her ship, the Red Ace.[3]

As one of the Aces, she both raced and helped defend the platform from attack. When pirates led by Kragan Gorr attacked the station, she led fellow Aces Torra Doza, Hype Fazon and Bo Keevil in fighting off the pirates. They fought well, despite being outnumbered. When the pirates retreated, Fenris attributed the victory to the Aces' skill, although Doza had doubts, suspecting another factor. Unbeknownst to both women, Doza was correct, as Kazuda Xiono, a Resistance spy recently sent to the Colossus, had covertly aided the pilots by broadcasting feedback over the pirates' communications channel.[4]

Some time later, she led Keevil and Griff Halloran in escorting in a fuel freighter while the Colossus was under a power outage. Such missions were another standard part of the Aces' duties.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

Freya Fenris was a human female with blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin.[1] She had a cold personality, and rarely if ever smiled.[2]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

As one of the Aces, Freya Fenris was one of the most skilled pilots on the Colossus. Her personal ship was the Red Ace.[2][3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Freya Fenris is a character created for Star Wars Resistance. She is voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, who voiced Governor Arihnda Pryce in Star Wars Rebels.[2]



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