Friggy Squig was a male Gungan bongo racer alive during the build up to the Clone Wars on the planet Naboo.


Squig was one of a large number of Gungans who raced during bongo racing's rise in popularity after the Battle of Naboo due to off-worlder tourist interest. Early in his career he supported his fellow racer Zak Quiglee's attempt along with Tup Tup Grizbain to get their reckless competitors Neb Neb Goodrow and Spleed Nukkels ban from the sport on accusations of collusion, greatly endangering the lives of others and giving the sport a bad name with their reckless driving. However their charges were thrown out by the Gungan race commissioner and never reached the Gungan High Council.

Sometime after the battle of Naboo he took part in the Otoh Gunga Challenge, where he drove a monobubble Bongo, along with a large number of contestants including Tup Tup, Quiglee, Neb Neb, Spleed and veteran racer Brooboo Seep along with twenty six other vessels including the Opee Fleer. The race had a large number of spectators including Boss Rugor Nass and the Ithorian ambassador as well as large number of tourists and Gungans. Once the race began the Opee Fleer took the lead with Tup Tup, Friggy and Quiglee close behind it in their respective vessels. However Spleed, Brooboo and Neb Neb quickly caught up much to the Tup Tup and his friend's annoyance. In an attempt to stop Spleed overtaking the trio Friggy Squig performed a 'twisty', rolling his Bongo to prevent her passing; however she rammed her bongo into his fins causing him to crash. BrooBoo Seep went on to win the race after Tup Tup drove into the Opee Fleer, Zak Quiglee crashed and Neb Neb and Spleed collided trying to overtake BrooBoo.

Personality and traitsEdit

Squig was a fairly skilled bongo racer but was over eager and driven by his dislike of Neb Neb and Spleed as shown by his attempt to block Spleed despite her dangerous reputation.