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Frigosians were a sentient species that were native to the planet Tansyl 5. They had dome-shaped heads as wide as their shoulders and were covered in a thick layer of fluffy yellowish hair. By humanoid standards, they were regarded as short-sized. Although their fur usually concealed it, they had a large mouth filled with dagger-like teeth. A nocturnal species, the Frigosians had sensitive eyes, and, in certain environments, they were forced to wear heavy black goggles to protect them from the light. On worlds such as Takodana, the atmosphere was so different from that of Tansyl 5 that Frigosians had to use breathing apparatuses. They had a language of their own, which consisted in series of chirps. Thromba and Laparo were a pair of Frigosian cryptosurgeons who worked at the castle of Maz Kanata.[1]



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