"I'm going to give you an opportunity to turn around now and make things right, Poggle. Otherwise you'll be in pieces before you clear the asteroid belts."
Orson Callan Krennic to Poggle the Lesser, referring to Frist's flotilla[src]

Frist was an individual who served as a captain in the navy of the Galactic Republic, during the Clone Wars. In the latter half of the war, Frist served as the flotilla commander of the fleet garrisoned over Geonosis, protecting the top-secret construction project occurring there from Separatist attack. After the Geonosian drones revolted in an effort to free their leader, Archduke Poggle the Lesser, Frist was ordered to track the Archduke's personal ship, which had left the planet's orbit. An order from Lieutenant Commander Orson Krennic to fire on the vessel came too late for Frist, and Poggle was able to successfully escape.[1]


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