Frontier Posts were small facilities maintained by the Bureau of Scouting and Exploration Services on over five thousand planets. Each Frontier Post was highly automated, with a staff of only three or four individuals. The installations provided food, drink, lodgings, equipment, ship maintenance and repair, and other services to active scouts. The sheer number of Frontier Posts meant that it was hard to regulate them, and some had fallen under the control of disreputable individuals who used their position to profit by marking up the prices of goods and services.

The Frontier Posts were used as the main clearing house for information regarding the star systems surrounding it. Scouts used Frontier Posts to receive their mission assignments and to rest and relax. Individual post commanders assigned scouts to assignments, and it was rumored that blackmail and graft were the two main factors in scouts receiving the best jobs.

Due to the nature of scouts spending thousands of hours in unexplored space, and the danger of space madness, Frontier Bases had some of the best entertainment facilities in the galaxy, including holovid theatres and computerized libraries. Some larger posts even stage live entertainment tours.