An advertisement for the Frontier Vacation Package

"Bar Neth—Frontier Pack. The barren land where the frontier droids suffered has now been transformed as a family resort rich in greeneries. Under the dazzling 5 suns, enjoy sports at your heart's content. Star Tours Frontier Pack. Booking will be open very soon."
Dan Android advertising the Frontier Vacation Package on Tourscan[src]

The Frontier Vacation Package was a package holiday advertised and sold by the Star Tours travel agency[1] by the year 4.3 ABY[2] to a family resort on the planet Bar Neth. Activities included visiting the Carl Hodgesville Dude Ranch, playing on golf on zero-gravity courses, camping, and safaris.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Frontier Vacation Package was first mentioned in Tokyo Disneyland's simulator ride theme park attraction Star Tours, which opened on July 12, 1989.[1]


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