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Fulkrehm Protial
Fulkrehm Protial
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Rebellion era


Fulkrehm Protial was a male Human who originally served the Alliance to Restore the Republic as a starfighter pilot during the Galactic Civil War. However, after he was injured, he was forced to give up flying and transferred to Alliance Intelligence.


Protial was a promising Y-Wing pilot, but during an Imperial attack on the world Kostra, he crashed and was exposed to trosilon, a nerve gas that was used by the Empire. Protial was rescued by the natives of Kostra and they treated him for his injuries, but lacked sufficient medical knowledge to allow him a full recovery. His motor control skills were irreparably damaged, so Protial could no longer fly or even walk properly.

Determined to still serve the Alliance, Protial joined Alliance Intelligence. However, he began to see the office he worked in as a prison. One night, he noticed a group of drunken pilots returning from a nearby town and he realized that their intoxication-hampered movements matched his own. The next morning, he volunteered to go undercover in Sangorn's Net, a bar that was popular with criminals. Protial's superior Captain Rondell was uninterested in sending the former pilot on the assignment, but soon realized that Protial felt trapped, so agreed to it.

Disguised as a freighter captain, Protial would spend his nights in various bars throughout the Kriz sector, where he would listen to the conversations of those around him. Most patrons of the bars just thought of him as a drunk. He used the identification code "trosilon".


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