"We worked closely together on the Ossus Project. I admired Kol…the eyes of Yun-Ne'Shel shone brightly upon him."
―Nei Rin to Cade Skywalker[src]

The Funeral of Kol Skywalker took place after Jedi Master Kol Skywalker died during the Massacre at Ossus, while buying time for his former apprentice Wolf Sazen to escape with his son Cade, Shado Vao and a number of Jedi younglings. Skywalker was killed by Darth Nihl, Fist of the One Sith, who left the body of the fallen Jedi Master exposed.[1]

Upon returning from a mission into the Ossus wilderness to find samples, Yuuzhan Vong Master Shaper Nei Rin found Skywalker's body lying at the Ossus Academy and gave it a proper funeral. During the cremation, Skywalker's body disincorporated, becoming one with the Force. To honor Skywalker and the Jedi legacy, Rin, alongside Liaan Lah and Choka Skell gathered all the Jedi artifacts they could find and kept them safe in the underlevels of the Academy.[3]


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