"The flames take hold of what once was our friend, our brother, our master--Oppo Rancisis."
A'Sharad Hett eulogizes Oppo Rancisis' funeral[src]

The Funeral of Oppo Rancisis took place after Master Rancisis died at the hands of his one-time friend, Sora Bulq. After Bulq was slain by Quinlan Vos, Vos used his Kiffar abilities to read memories from Rancisis' body to learn his battle plan.

Before beginning the battle, the surviving Jedi, led by Vos, remembered their fallen brothers and sisters at the funeral in a barren area. Xeltek, Durnar, Ausar Auset, T'Bolton, and Tholme were among the dead; though Tholme's survival was not known at the time.