"Well, a fresh face for the game. I wonder, would you care to play?"
―Furko, asking Revan to play pazaak[src]

Furko Nellis was a Human male living during the time of the Jedi Civil War. He was an experienced pazaak gambler who Revan encountered in Anchorhead on Tatooine in 3956 BBY. Revan defeated Nellis in three games of pazaak, each one with higher stakes, and with Nellis using a more advanced deck than the one before. Eventually, Furko Nellis gave up on betting against Revan, claiming it was an insult to bet against such a good pazaak player. However, Nellis was still willing to play against Revan, without betting.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The 'skin' used for Furko Nellis is the exact same as one of the male Revans.


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