Fusion Accelerator Cannon

The Salvation's Fusion Accelerator Cannon during the Assault on Kamino.

The Fusion Accelerator Cannon was a prototype cannon that was used on the frigate Salvation as the ship's strongest weapon available.

The Battle of KaminoEdit

"Direct hit! The cannon's offline, we're dead in the water without it!"
―Rahm Kota[src]

With the impending threat from the Imperial space force, General Rahm Kota ordered the clone of Galen Marek to find and operate the Fusion Accelerator Cannon, the strongest weapon in the ship, in order to destroy their enemies.

The clone succeeded to find the large weapon, however, the area was also ravaged by Imperial forces during a fight against Rebel soldiers. Just in time, Starkiller arrived at that area, an ion blast from a distant Star Destroyer which caused the cannon itself to malfunction. With the power of the Force, the clone was able to re-activate it by means of conducting Force lightning to the generators and was able to fire a single powerful shot at the distant Star Destroyer, blasting the battleship in half and scattering the remnants everywhere.

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