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Han: "All right, last chance. Open that door or I shave you, dip you in gold paint, and sell you to Jawas for spare parts."
Secretary: "I'm not a droid."
Han: "I'll sell you to especially stupid Jawas."
Secretary: "Forgive me, General. But I won’t help you, and you won’t sell me. You're a hero of the Alliance."
―Han Solo and Nataasi Daala's secretary[src]

Fuzzy was a nickname given by Han Solo to a Bothan who served as Chief of State Natasi Daala's secretary in 44 ABY.

During a Jedi organized coup against Daala, Jedi Knight Leia Organa Solo and her husband Han Solo were positioned in Daala's outer office, along with several ambassadors and Daala's secretary. When Han received the signal that the plan was underway, he and Leia took the blasters from the guards stationed in the outer office and held the room until the other Jedi came in. Han tried to have the Bothan open Daala's office for them but he refused, choosing not to believe Han's threats against his well being.