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Fwits were a small, furry, carnivorous, mammalian non-sentient species native to the arboreal planet of Maridun. Expert hunters, they could run very quickly and catch most smaller prey. Averaging at around half a meter tall, fwits were kept by Amanin on Maridun as both pets and guardians, due to their vicious, savage nature. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, hunters were encouraged to kill Fwits on sight.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Fwits were nearly half a meter tall when sitting on their haunches, and had light pink skin, with bushy fur around their head, paws, feet and long, rat-like tail. Their fur ranged in color from black to brown, sandy or even gray. When their mouth was closed, fwits appeared to be smiling; however this was rarely the case. Their mouths were enormous compared to the small size of their heads when opened, with two rows of razor sharp teeth capable of shredding skin and bone. Fwits had a pair of oversized, white eyes located at the sides of their head, and two large, floppy ears, as well as a small, sharp nose.[1]


Although they appeared to be innocent, friendly creatures, fwits were in truth vicious carnivores; they preferred the taste of freshly killed meat to any other food. Fwits were expert hunters, skilled at catching practically any small mammal. They were able to outrun most creatures that were smaller than them, and liked to eat them in one bite. When hunting larger animals, fwits would bite their prey, holding on until their enemy was rendered unconscious. They were also extremely silent movers, as well as good hiders. Fwits rarely attacked their owners and those who they were used to, but they were extremely aggressive to outsiders, especially those who did not know how to care for fwits.[1]


Fwits were kept on the planet Maridun as pets and guard animals by the large humanoid sentients native to Maridun called the Amani long before the Galactic Empire arrived on Maridun, although when the Empire was in control of their homeworld, fwits were outlawed in all the major cities and ports, and hunters were encouraged by the Empire to murder fwits on sight.[1]

After the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, the Hutts once again took control of Maridunian slavery, and fwits were re-allowed into all the former Imperial spaceports. A favorite pet of the Hutts, fwits were also smuggled offworld in large quantities.[1]

Fwits in the galaxyEdit

Before the reign of the Empire, fwits were rarely found off Maridun, however, when the Hutts regained control of Maridun, fwits were transported to various parts of the galaxy in huge numbers. After some time, fwits were not uncommon on many planets in the known galaxy, although they were often outlawed because of their vicious nature, misleading appearance and voracious appetites.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Fwits were created for use in Ultimate Adversaries, a 2004 sourcebook published as part of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. The creatures were later mentioned in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.


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