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Fyefee Tiis was a male Iktotchi General in the Grand Army of the Republic during the early months of the Clone Wars.


Around 21 BBY, Tiis was commissioned by Chancellor Palpatine to lead the supply troops for use on the planet Cartao. During the Battle of Cartao Tiis commanded the modified Republic Cruiser Whipsaw. Under Tiis' leadership, Whipsaw disabled the droid control ship above Cartao, which allowed the Galactic Republic forces a brief respite before the activation of Separatists' mobile droid control unit. However, as the Republic was nearly close to winning the battle, the droids were suddenly activated again because the separatists had learned from their mistakes during the Battle of Naboo and the control ship developed independent units and the Republic suffered heavy losses. Fyefee along with a bulk of supply troops were killed.


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