"We don't know that they work for the Hutt! Maybe they could help us."
―Fyren, to Krygg, on the Alderaanian Resistance agents[src]

Fyren was male Ugnaught who worked for the Parliament of Guilds in Cloud City, on the planet Bespin, during the early years of the Galactic Empire. In about 17 BBY, the Hutt crime lord Darga Jiramma Mionne settled in Cloud City and began causing trouble for the Parliament of Guilds, by bribing a number of Figg & Associates' Ugnaught workers to steal tibanna gas for him. Figg & Associates then complained to the Parliament of Guilds about the missing tibanna and the Parliament was forced to place restrictions on all Ugnaughts. A group of Alderaanian Resistance agents traveled to Cloud City in search of Darga and they encountered Fyren and the Ugnaught Krygg inside the office of the Parliament of Guilds. The Ugnaughts then made a deal with the agents whereby the Ugnaughts would provide the agents with all the information that they had about Darga's activities, in return for the agents help with learning the identities of the Ugnaughts that were working for Darga.