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G'aav'aar'oon was an asteroid located in the Vodilux Star Cluster. It had once been a Jedi fortress which was destroyed during the Clone Wars. The ruins of the fort were turned into a convent by a group of female Gamorrean Force-sensitive healer nuns who soon took on the name of the Nuns of G'aav'aar'oon. The convent itself only occupied a portion of the asteroid, and the rest of the old Jedi base contained a small hotel for visitors, several public chapels, all the docks and machinery needed by any asteroid base, as well as several kilometers of abandoned tunnels which contained some Mynocks and other vermin which kept standard visitors out of the areas. All of the old bases weapons were either ruined, dismantled, or permanently deactivated, and the Nuns had no intention of rearming them.

Soon after the Battle of Yavin, Imperial Scouts sent by Darth Vader attempted to frame the Rebel Alliance for the murder of the nuns' leader, Mother Grotrugga. Unfortunately for them, Grotrugga became a Force ghost, informing her sisters that it was in fact the Galactic Empire who murdered her. Because of this, the nuns invited the Alliance to make use of the peaceful asteroid, though they were adamant that it would not be used as a military outpost. Many Rebels took use of the asteroids facilities, taking short breaks at the convent to revitalize themselves both spiritually and psychologically as well as to recover from the trauma of war.