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The G'rho entechment dome was located on the planet G'rho. It was established by the Ssi-ruuk after their invasion in 2 BBY. Within the dome, the Ssi-ruuk enteched the G'rho colonists that they had captured during their assault.

Four months after the invasion, the dome was still manned by some Ssi-ruuk as well as some P'w'eck. The survivors of the attack, known as the G'rho Underground had twice tried to infiltrate the dome and destroy it; however, on both these occasions, the weapons carried by the infiltrators were detected by the Ssi-ruuk equipment and the infiltrators were subsequently captured. On a third attempt, Trig Kilwallen successfully infiltrated the dome carrying no weapons. He deactivated the dome's shields, allowing Seni Kilwallen to strafe it in her Conjo fighter, destroying the dome.


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