"The Illustrious Jabba the Hutt bids you welcome to his court."

G-5PO was a protocol droid and translator for Jabba the Hutt.


In 1 ABY, G-5PO offered missions of great importance to a spacer who sought to gain Jabba's trust. G-5PO, translating Jabba's wishes, tasked a spacer to find one of Jabba's accountants, who went by the name of Scrib Leras. Scrib was to be executed by Lady Valarian due to a miscalculation amounting to a total of four credits. Jabba, in a rare shred of generosity, wished to save the accountant, in the hope that he would also have some valuable information.

The spacer agreed to take up the task, successfully locating the accountant and escorting him safely back to the palace, much to Jabba's and G-5PO's relief.

After Jabba had a chance to speak to Scrib, it was learned that Lady Valarian did not ever plan to execute him, but to instead interrogate him. On Jabba's orders, G-5PO instructed the spacer to find and kill the interrogator, to get back at Lady Valarian for her past misgivings. The spacer successfully assassinated the individual, further gaining the trust of Jabba.

G-5PO later informed the spacer that Romo Vax uncovered a traitor within Jabba's Court, who had not yet been fully identified. However, G-5PO explained that the traitor had given a message to a Valarian courier. G-5PO instructed the spacer to find and kill the courier, and retrieve the message so that it could be decoded. The spacer did not let G-5PO or his master down. The message was retrieved, and left to Bib Fortuna for decoding. Jabba was furious to learn that the decoded message included a schedule of guard changes, which the Valarian's hoped to take advantage of to infiltrate his palace. G-5PO informed the spacer that Jabba wanted him to defeat an incoming Valarian strike team. When the spacer inquired as to what type of strike team needed to be dealt with, Jabba confessed that he did not know for sure, since the Valarian's kept their membership a closely guarded secret. The strike team, he believed, could either be a lowly band of thugs, or an elite team of commandos. Fortunately, the strike team proved to be no major challenge to the spacer, who efficiently eliminated the thugs and their team leader.

In the meantime, Jabba had another mission for G-5PO to give to the spacer. A smuggler for Black Sun, who went by the name of Belshu Dadar was selling a mysterious item to the Valarian's. Jabba was angered that he did not know what Belshu was selling, but he was certian it was something important. G-5PO instructed the spacer to find Belshu, and buy the item from him for a price higher than the Valarian's. Fortunately, Belshu held no loyalties to the Valarian's. He happily gave the spacer the locked briefcase in exchange for the superior amount of credits.

The spacer delivered the briefcase to Jabba, and awaited instructions for his next mission. G-5PO soon informed him that Belshu Dadar was now a loyal underling of Jabba, and that Jabba requested that the spacer eliminate a bounty hunter who was tracking him. The spacer agreed, and successfully eliminated the bounty hunter, saving Belshu as a result.

G-5PO had another task for the spacer, which involved delivering a case of credits to one of Jabba's associated, Sliv Jurek, in exchange for a key. When the spacer inquired why the key would be worth the credits, G-5PO explained that the key accessed a warehouse on Tatooine. Inside this warehouse was a valuable Rantok Sword, which Jabba wished to display. The spacer sought out Sliv Jurek, successfully retrieving the key. Yet the job was not yet done. G-5PO had one final task to give to the spacer. Jabba wished for the spacer to infiltrate the warehouse and retrieve the sword himself. When the spacer inquired as to why he was being entrusted with this job, G-5PO informed him that he would much rather have Boba Fett complete the task, but that his price was far too high.

Fortunately, the spacer once again failed to let Jabba down. The warehouse was successfully infiltrated, and the sword was brought back to be properly displayed. G-5PO had no additional tasks for the spacer, but he informed spacer that he now gained Jabba's trust.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Excellent! Now perhaps Jabba will stop blaming everything on me!"

Though G-5PO appeared very loyal to Jabba, it occasionally had slips of the tongue about how it wished to be free of Jabba.

Behind the scenesEdit

G-5PO is a Non-Player Character (NPC) in Jabba's Palace in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. Prior to the introduction of the "New Game Enhancements" to Star Wars Galaxies in November 2005, the droid was part of a series of missions surrounding Jabba's court called Jabba's Theme Park. He gave out several missions to players that had to be solved to complete the Theme Park and earn Jabba's Badge of Trust. Following the introduction of the New Game Enhancements the developers removed this part of the Theme Park and G-5PO's dialogues from the game.