Karflo Corporation's G2-GE beamdrill was a fairly generic mid-size beamdrill used primarily for mining. The G2-GE was designed to be operated by a single worker standing on a platform atop the repulsor unit that provided the beamdrill with the ability to move at up to fifteen km/h. Its plasma beam could be adjusted to emit a beam from something as minuscule as one centimeter to a full 1.5 meters in length. Furthermore, its intensity could be varied to be gentle enough to only gently melt polymers or to completely vaporize waste materials from mining. The device could even be programmed to follow sensor strips to make high-precision cuts along a given path.

The G2-GE's three cylindrical fuel slug tanks (mounted inline with the front of the drill) allowed for up to ten full hours of non-stop operation. For safety when running the beamdrill for extended periods there were multiple internal cooling units as well as an emergency fuel cutoff located at the apex of the center fuel tank. For additional safety, the operator platform had a pressure-sensitive deadman switch that would turn the unit off when the worker stepped off.