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"The planet is secure, sir. The population is under control."
―G21 gives a report[src]

G21 was a B2 super battle droid manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata and used in the Separatist Droid Army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars against the Galactic Republic. Like all B2 super battle droids, G21 was armed with built in dual laser cannons[1] and stood 1.91 meters tall.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

G21 first appeared in the novelization of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, which was written by Matthew Stover and released in 2003. In the novel, G21 greeted Separatist General Grievous on the planet Utapau and informed him that the planet was secure.[3] The droid was then identified by The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, a Star Wars legends reference book released in 2009.[4] G21's name and its single quote were confirmed to be canon by the reference book Ultimate Star Wars, which was released in 2015. As G21 did not appear in the film itself,[5] and the canon status of the film novelizations is currently unclear following the 2014 establishment of all Expanded Universe material as legends,[6] this article makes no assumption about the canonicity of the context for G21's quote.


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