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"Excuse, me. You're going to have to check that excess baggage. Oh, I'm terribly sorry! I didn't realize that was your husband! Heh-heh-heh."
―G2 droid[src]

The G2 repair droid, also known as the "Goose droid", was a custom-built droid employed by the Star Tours travel agency and manufactured by the SoroSuub company on Sullust.

The G2s nickname resulted because of its low walk from its wide, heavy bottom combined with their multi-jointed neck, so they look like geese.


G2-9T works on an R5 astromech.

At Star Tours, G2 repair droids performed multiple tasks, but were primarily used to repair machinery and other droids. Programmed with artificial personalities, the G2 droids were known to exchange witticisms for the amusement of Star Tours customers.

As mentioned, the droids were known and enjoyed because of their excessive chattiness, to the extent of some owners relieving their G2s jobs to just being a companion. This excessive chattiness could also have been bad for the droids, an example being a group of G2s stealing a fueling freighter and starting a community on an asteroid in the Chrellis system.

The G2s downfall, however liked by independent and small corporations, were shunned by the large corporations because of their tendency to talk and not work, so they were shipped back to the SoroSuub company on Sullust with disgust. SoroSuub eventually retired the line in 12 ABY, but after a surprising outcry from their public, they reintroduced the line with great fanfare.

Behind the scenesEdit

The "Goose droid" was created for the Star Tours attraction at Disneyland in Anaheim, California (and later other Disney parks), but have been canonized with the release of The New Essential Guide to Droids.

The two original Star Tours G2 droids, G2-4T and G2-9T, were reused, modified Audio-Animatronics figures from the "America Sings" attraction. The original figures were geese, hence the droid's nickname.

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