The G61 Delta Wing, also known as the Cularin Starfighter, as a type of starfighter that was used by the Cularin Militia during the Clone Wars.


The Delta Wing was designed for the SoroSuub Corporation in Edic Bar on Genarius by the designer Ryll Narbe. He designed it because he wanted to prove to his employers that he was still a credible designer, so he made it able to out perform the Z-95 Headhunter and the Corporation's own G-59 Cannibalizer line. However, they were expensive to build, so the Corporation decided not to mass-produce them. The few that were built were donated to the Cularin Militia, for use with their fleet.

The Militia used them during various battles, including the Battle of Cularin.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the role-playing adventure Destruction, it is possible for some of the player characters to fly Delta Wings during a mission codenamed Destruction.